SharePoint Search indexes some files with fldXXXX_XXXX file names

Today I visited a customer to solve an issue that I had run into a while ago in my post regarding ZIP file indexing with IFilters. The customer was indexing Office 2003 documents on a file share (.doc, .xls, .rtf, …) and had the issue of the Filename property having the strange value of fld and some numbers. This only occurred on their x64 live environment and not on a x86 test environment.


I looked at the IFilter overview using Citeknet IFilter Explorer (great tool !) and also the offfilt.dll (IFilter for the aforementioned file types) to check on version differences between the two systems but there were none.

Both environments were running SP2 and June 2009 Cumulative Update but since there aren’t that many obvious options I went for installing the November 09 Cumulative Update and that did the trick. Guess that the issues that was fixed for quite some time on x86 is only recently handled for x64 environments. Either way, everyone happy.

Hope it helps.


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