Reinstalling Office Web Applications for an Upgrade (a day of agony)

Yesterday was my first working day of the new year and it didn’t start very well.

I decided to upgrade one of our internal servers from SharePoint Foundation 2010 to SharePoint Server 2010, in order to have InfoPath Forms Server and the like… This should be a breeze if you follow this article on MSDN:, however…

Office Web Applications were causing the SharePoint Server 2010 installer to fail saying

“The install install in progress conflicts with a previous installed Microsoft Office 2010 Server Product”

Uninstalling from the Office Web Applications didn’t work, and others have reported this as well:

So I tried the removal tool and finally got rid of all Office Web Applications-related stuff.

After the upgrade I tried to reinstall Office Web Application, but that kept failing saying something about access denied to a registry key called “UNKNOWN\Components\E0710AF3C7227C73AB0C4696A199C218\00004109441100000”

I tried the regular stuff like setting myself as owner, inheriting to all child objects, but that didn’t work. Using the RegASSASSIN tool from Malwarebytes first, and then setting myself as owner got the job done.

Finally I managed to install the Office Web Applications and all was well again :)


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