SharePoint 2019 and the new OneDrive Sync Client

I’ve been running various tests and scenario’s with the new SharePoint 2019 that released about a month ago and ran into an issue with the new OneDrive Sync Client (aka NGSC or Next Generation Sync Client).

OneDrive sync error

Sorry, we couldn’t sync this folder. Contact your IT administrator to configure OneDrive to sync SharePoint on-premise folders

Aside from the obvious grammar error (on-premise vs on-premises) I didn’t expect this issue as I had Windows 10, the latest OneDrive client and SharePoint 2019 as outlined here: Except I ignored the part where it says you need to configure Group Policy objects for it to work.

To set up OneDrive with SharePoint Server 2019, configure the following Group Policy objects:

  1. SharePoint on-premises server URL and tenant folder name The URL will help the sync client locate the SharePoint Server and allows the sync client to authenticate and set up sync. The tenant folder name lets you specify the name of the root folder that will be created in File Explorer. If you don’t supply a tenant name, the sync client will use the first segment of the URL as the name. For example, would become “Office.”
  2. SharePoint prioritization setting for hybrid customers that use SharePoint Online (SPO) and SharePoint on-premises server This setting lets you specify if the sync client should authenticate against SharePoint Online or the SharePoint on-premises server if the identity exists in both identity providers. Learn how to manage OneDrive using Group Policy

Now a quick way to configure these values is using the registry editor.



  • Name: SharePointOnPremPrioritization
  • Type: REG_DWORD
  • Value:
    • 0: prioritizes for SharePoint Online (“PrioritizeSPO”)
    • 1: prioritizes for SharePoint 2019 (“PrioritizeSharePointOnPrem”)




Once you configure these values you can sync a SharePoint 2019 library with the new sync client.


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