Microsoft Edge workaround for saving Windows Credentials

I’ve been using the new Microsoft Edge (Chromium based, Insider, Chredge, …) ever since the beginning and have loved it from the start. But a recent change (version 79 ?) has an issue with Windows Credentials, something I run into for SharePoint environments with Windows Authentication (NTLM, Kerberos).

Before the update it would prompt with a prefilled credential prompt:

Sign in to access this site

I could just press “Sign in” to continue.

But after the update it would prompt a different style prompt without prefilled credentials or option to save the credentials, forcing me to enter the full username and password every time.

Sign in to access this site

It seems this will be fixed properly in a future update, but for now it is possible to revert to the original credential prompt and functionality via the following workaround:

  1. Browse to edge://flags/#edge-windows-credentials-for-http-auth
  2. Change this setting to Disabled (and restart the browser)


allow windows credentials for HTTP Authentication Challenges


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