IE8 on Win7 RC: issues with OWA 2007

July 22, 2009 - 20:48, by Steven Van de Craen - 0 Comments

I would have preferred if Win7 RTM came sooner so that I could avoid migrating from Beta to RC and then from RC to RTM but no point to keep on whining about it :) So I decided to install the 64 bit issue of Windows 7 Release Candidate. I love how smooth those Win7 installs are. Very little interaction is required and the system correctly detects and installs my hardware.

Once up and running I logged in into my Outlook Web Access (Exchange 2007) and noticed a lot of flickering and errors in javascript files. Here’s an example:

Exception Details
Date: Wed Jul 22 20:41:09 UTC+0200 2009
Message: Unspecified error.
Line: 181

Tried the compatibility mode, tried the no-addons approach, no luck. However then I noticed there was another link in the Start Menu for Internet Explorer that read “Internet Explorer (64-bit)”. I tried it and poof: OWA behaved as a perfect citizen ! Joy !