Delete All Items Ribbon Button

February 8, 2012 - 17:38, by Steven Van de Craen - 1 Comments

A SharePoint 2010 Sandboxed Solution that adds a Ribbon Button that recycles all items in a Document Library with a single mouse click.

I' have created this miniproject more as an academic exercise in creating a Ribbon Button than for real business value. It can come in handy for development environments sometimes.


Installation and activation

Download from here (Ventigrate Codeplex Repository)

Upload the WSP (sandbox solution) to the Site Collection Solution Gallery and activate it

Solution Gallery

Activate the Site Collection Feature

Site Collection Features

Final note

Some lessons learned and things worth noting:

  • Use a Module to deploy resource files to a folder or library like the Style Library (Sandbox cannot access the Layouts folder)
  • The Module will overwrite the existing resource files with a newer version, but will not delete them
  • Working with ECMAScript seems to have no effect on resource or resource quota
  • Use InPrivate Browsing for testing Ribbon development, this avoids caching of Ribbon resources
  • CustomAction.ScriptSrc points to the Layouts folder when using relative URLs. Use ~SiteCollection if you want to reference a resource in the Site Collection